Jessica Levine

Slithering vines of steel birth a human head from an abstract flower, whose petals can dance as people interact. A single light bulb hangs from inside emanating light from within the mind and distorting perception for those who decide to peer through her teleidoscope eyes. This sculpture represents the concept of a “planted seed” in the mind–germinating, and blossoming into a full fledged idea. It correlates with the blossoming of the self, into a full fledged “human.” We all started out as ideas, and then we are born and have ideas implanted into our minds, which create our perceptions. By weeding through these preconceived notions and creating our own ideas, we can (re)construct our whole selves, exposing who we actually are.

Internal Exposure consists of 4 pieces:  A human head standing at approximately 11 ft tall, and 3 "petals" each standing at approximately 14 ft tall.  The petals are mounted to extreme capacity bearings, allowing them to rotate back and forth when people climb and play on them.  The eyes of the head have stained glass and custom made teleidoscopes in them, allowing participants to see a fractalized view of the outside world while they are inside of the head.  The sculpture is hand made from thousands of cut and bent pieces of steel welded together.  It took 7 months to complete this sculpture for Burning Man 2019 as an honorarium piece.

​Engineering by RBHU @