FloBot is a 14ft tall interactive flower-like steel sculpture with a character all her own. She stands on exposed roots as she evolves into a blossomed being. People may climb up the roots and “get inside her head” bouncing and rocking with the use of large suspension springs. Flo represents the notion of learning to flow with all of the parts of one’s self, and finding strength within them. Her roots correlate with all of the deepest parts of ourselves–the buried parts, which make us who we are. Exposing the roots and making them a part of the blossom at the top represents the idea that everything is an integral part of the whole self, even (and especially) the buried parts–not just the pretty flowery surface parts.  She was created for Burning Man 2018 as an honorarium project.

Above Right Photo Credit: Ashi Krishnan

Above Photo Credit:  Mezzanine Beecomb

Jessica Levine

Above Right Photo Credit:  Trevor Hughes/USA Today

Above Photo Credit:  Mezzanine Beecomb

Above Photo Credit:  George Krieger