"Metamorphosis"  Welded 1/4 inch and 3/16 inch steel rod, salvaged drive shaft/pulley.  9ftH x 2-2.5ftW. 2016.

"Lean With It"  Welded 1/4" steel rod, suspension spring taken from car, angle iron.  Private commission.  6.5ftH.  2015.

"Untitled" Welded 1 inch angle iron, steel I beem.  Rotates on bearings and drive shaft.  6ftW x    6ftL at   top, 1 ftW x 1ftL at bottom, approximately 6.5ftH.  2014.

"Come Thru" Welded 1/4 inch steel rod.  8ftH x 2.5ftW.  2015.

"Rise" steel.  7ft H x 3ft W.

"Eye Don't Know Anything" Welded 3/16 inch rod, RGB LEDs, music sensors.  5ft H x 5ft L x 5ft W at bottom, 1ft W x 1ft L at top.  2015.  Displayed at Snow Globe Music Festival.

"It's Like Life" welded ¼ inch rod, angle iron, suspension springs from cars.  6-6.5ft H x 1-1.5ft W.   2014

"Fingerlings" Welded 1/4 inch steel rod, suspension springs taken from cars, angle iron.  Private     commission.  2015.

Jessica Levine

"V for Vortex" Welded 1/4" steel rod, copper tubing (for fire). 4ftH x 2ftW, mounted on approximately 5 and 1/2ftH pole.  Displayed at Burning Man.  2015.